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Rapid Response® Amerdon
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"A bucket full of Miracles"

Un-Tye-MeTM supplies that essential blend of nutriional fortification necessary during periods of physical exertion, growth and development!  Feeding Un-Tye-Me aids in the prevention of muscle cramping in racing and working horses.  Fed Un-Tye-Me to your horse and you will both benefit!

Natural            Chelated Minerals            Electrolytes             Antioxidants           Effective

UN-TYE-ME is all natural! A safe and effective supplement formulated to provide your horse with those essential nutrients needed to overcome muscular spasms, tensions, nervousness and other distressing symptoms that arise when your horse wants to perform for you! UN-TYE-ME defends the horse against these spastic attacks. UN-TYE-ME can be administered as a therapeutic preventive or after the horse has experienced muscle spasms. Continuous use is preferred to protect the well-being of the animal.

Depending on the animal just one teaspoonful up to two ounces daily in the feed can produce a stabilizing environment to an excited or restless horse or a horse in strenuous training who is experiencing muscle cramping or "tying up". Owners report a calming influence on horses which "spook" and excited show horses. This product contains 1000 iu vitamin E and 1 mg of Selenium (in a special base) and 500mg of a highly absorbed Magnesium per ounce among other ingredients.
Directions for Feeding
Feed 2 oz per day (preferably I oz in moist regular feed both morning and evening.) To avoid depletion continue maintenance schedule while performing. (If racing, double dose day before, day of race and day after race.)
Potassium         3.4%     Iron                   .0933%
Calcium            1.7%     Manganese       .0166%
Magnesium       .833%   Iodine(kelp)        .00078%
Zinc                  .25%     Protein              12%
*Contains 1000iu Vitamin E and 1mg Selenium (yeast) per ounce
Magnesium oxide, potassium citrate, potassium chloride, zinc oxide, vitamin E(d)-alpha tocopheryl acetate), ferrous Fumarate, selenium (yeast base), manganese carbonate and kelp in a base of extruded soybean and rice bran meal which has been friction cooked to stabilize fatty acids to enhance the quality of the product and improve shelf life.
Manufactured by Amerdon International Group, Inc.