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Rapid Response® Amerdon
Full Energy
Equine Supplement


Protein - Energy - Source


100% Utilized

"Flash cooked" Highly digestible Proteins & natural antioxidants in an extruded soybean base that nutritionally support the foot and hair in addition to providing a very efficient energy source


FULL ENERGYTM   provides a high quality, "highly digestible" protein-energy source which is necessary for excellent hoof growth and maintenance as well as energy. The base is composed of a whole soy product, flash-cooked to protect the protein while improving the digestibility and utilization. This exclusive process releases all the natural nutritious oils of the bean as well as its lecithin which is a natural anti-oxidant. FULL ENERGY is also rich in linoleic acid needed in a good horse diet. Horses require fat beyond their need for simple energy and this is an excellent source of natural vegetable fat which creates a healthy, glossy and sparkling coat of hair. This product is very popular among farriers and vets. The amount fed per day (which can vary from two to three ounces or more per day) will depend on the horse's daily activity. "This product does exactly what the name says: provides energy to the horse."
Available in 2 lbs., 6 lbs., 12.5 lbs., and 25 lbs.

Directions for feeding:

Feed twice daily in divided doses if possible:
MAINTENANCE: 2 ounces daily
RACEHORSES: 1 and ½ ounces morning and evening and increase to 2 ounces twice a day prior to a race.
Amino acid Composition % Protein
Arginine            7.39%              Cysteine           1.47%              Histidine           2.76%
Phenylalanine    5.24%            Isolecine           4.53%            Tyrosine           4.00%
Leucine            7.71%              Threonine         4.00%              Lysine              6.32%
Tryptophan       1.55%              Methionine       1.42%              Valine               4.97%
Mineral Content
Calcium            0.24%              Copper                        17ppm           Phosphorus      0.58%
Iron                  77ppm              Sodium 0.02%                                    Manganese       29ppm
Chloride           0.03%              Selenium           0.1ppm                    Potassium         1.60%
Zinc                  24ppm             Magnesium       0.25%                      Sulfur               0.21%
Dry Matter       90%                 Crude Fiber      5%       Digestible Crude Protein           88%
Crude Protien   36%              Fat(ether extract)17.4%           Linolenic Acid              1.9%
Ash                  4.3%                Lecithin            0.07%     Free Fatty Acids                       1.0%
Linoleic Acid    8.7%               Acid Hydrolysis            19.1%
Manufactured by Amerdon International Group, Inc.