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Dogs that have taken Rapid Response.  Since August of 2013 we have created a new formula of Rapid Response HFF and it is on the shopping cart in the human products section.  It was created for dogs 30 to over 100 pounds who have hind end, back and leg problems.  It is double the strength of the Rapid Response F which has been used for smaller dogs.  The cost is only $15 more per gallon than the "F" formula.  You can order it on the shopping cart and also please email me, Sharone, at amerdonter@aol.com letting me know the problem and how long your dog has had it, breed, if in pain, what kind of activity your dog does and most important age and weight.  I will email back with suggest dosing and any other information I can to help.  I have had dogs (up to 13 at one time) and horses all my life and consider them my kids



This is Rose.  She is a 17 year old Dalmation who was saved from the humane society by Annette Osterlund, who operates a dog and horse recovery program known as Paradise Valley Farm in Hidden Hills in California www.paradisevalleyfarm.net  Rose was given love, food and Rapid Response HF  Rose was fed  4 ounces of Rapid Response a day (2 oz morning and 2 oz late afternoon) mixed in soft food  and after only 4 weeks she is a "new dog". She is now on 2 ounces a day maintenance and doing well!   Note the strength in her back legs and back and her ankles are standing straighter.  Rapid Response is known for increasing the strength in dogs with back and leg problems.  Annette has been using Rapid Response for over 12 to rehab dogs and horses!  She rehabbed Unusual Heat several years back.  He is one of the top Thoroughbred stallions standing in California.

 “My 16 year old Bichon Frise has had chronic health problems since she was a year old. She could not seem to bounce back from having a kidney removed 5 ½ yrs. ago. I had resigned myself to the fact that she would never be her perky little self again. However, since the addition of Rapid Response to her diet, she can’t contain her energy and playfulness! It’s a joy to see!” Debra Kahn, Littleton, Colorado

My 14 year old terrier mix was diagnosed with a “disintegrating back” – her vertebrae are collapsing and her discs dissolving. The vet said he had never seen worse. I wrapped her for two months with Rapid Response, and have continued to maintain her on oral feeding for the past year. Without Rapid Response, I’m sure we would have had to put her down by this time. However, that is not even under the slightest consideration as she is pain-free, something the vet finds absolutely amazing, and gets around very well. She prances around and tosses her head, and seems to be one happy puppy.”    Debra Kahn, Littleton, CO         

 From Sharone: 

There are many dogs on Rapid Response HF or Rapid Response F (difference is the F has thicker aloe vera pulp and I feel has a little more pain relief in it and this is the one I feed my dogs but the Rapid Response HF has smaller pieces of pulp and can be taken by people easier.  Otherwise they are the same formula.   Dogs as they get older (and some younger ones) like humans start to wear out in the back and joints (like degenerative disks).  Rapid Response has helped all the dogs who have been on it.  The goal is to promote healing and bring the dog back to his/her normal self.  This depends on how bad they are in the beginning.  If too severe by the time Rapid Response is used then Rapid Response (RR) will relieve pain and inflammation, making the dog more flexible and stronger.  RR also heals the stomach.  Usually vets give out anti-inflammatory drugs which help relieve pain but at the same time they tear up the stomach.  RR heals ulcers in the stomach while relieving pain and making life easier and will promote healing in the back, joints etc.  Usually most dogs begin sinking in the back end and the elbows (hocks) of their back legs do not stand as straight.  As the dog is fed RR you will notice the back legs coming up and the dog standing straighter which raises the back end.  It might take two weeks or less for you to notice this.

Their life is better, they are happier and they have longer life then without Rapid Response.

“I first used Rapid Response when my 3 month old puppy shattered his femur. The Veterinary surgeon said it would take 8 weeks for the leg to heal after surgery, and was concerned that since his bones were so soft, he’d re-injure himself. When I took our puppy back for his suture removal, almost two weeks later, x-rays were taken to see how things were progressing. The x-rays revealed that the bone was healed and that there was only some mild swelling in the surrounding tissue. I continued to keep our puppy on the Rapid Response for the next three weeks when the vet pronounced him 100% healed. He was amazed at how quickly and strongly he healed.

I have also used Rapid Response to treat my injured knee when I tore my ligaments and cartilage from a riding accident. It reduced the swelling and pain immediately and since then I have regained flexibility and stability without surgery. I had my daughter use Rapid Response on her ankle after she sprained it in gym class. Again, it reduced the swelling and pain in my daughter’s ankle, and after a few days she was back in class again – feeling fine. I have found that the product, when topically applied to blemishes, cuts and scrapes, reduces redness and inflammation allowing the sores to heal very quickly.”  Marian Maskiewicz, Littleton, Colorado 

  Dosing suggestions for dogs 50 to 100 lbs:  I would begin with 2 to 4 ounces a day mixed in soft food.  You can feed 1 to 2 oz in the morning and 1 to 2 oz in the evening or feed 2 oz in one meal.  I would first work 1/2 ounce in with the food on the first day then 1 oz in food the next day then 1 1/2 oz the third day then 2 oz on the 4th day.  Your dog will first notice a difference in taste and if you begin with 2 oz they might refuse it....so you sneak the change of taste slower so it is not so noticeable.  Now my dogs eat it off the top of their food.  Then there are dogs who will eat the entire dose on the first day.  A side note, when my dogs get a upset tummy which happens maybe twice a year then I squirt 10cc (2 teaspoonfuls but squirt 3 cc at a time then let them swallow then 3 to 4 cc more and let them swallow) with a syringe into their mouth and this helps settle their stomach.

  After the dog improves then you  can vary between 1 oz to 2 oz a day depending on how your dog is doing day to day.  If dog weighs 20 to 50 lbs total dose 1 to 2 oz a day and if less than 20 lbs then use ½ to 1 oz a day.  It is okay to use larger doses if you do not see improvement in one week.  The Dalmation pictured above "began" with  4 ounces a day (2 oz twice daily) for 30 days and is now on 2 oz a day.  The more serious the condition I suggest a larger dose in the beginning and then decrease to a maintenance dose when your dog is doing well.  Especially if it is a difference between life and death.  Dog dose can vary from ½ oz to 4 oz a day.  Please contact Sharone with condition of dog and weight and she can email you suggested dosing.

 Sharone,  I need to order more Rapid Response F for Nezzie, our cattle dog. She had surgery on her torn ACL (it was shredded) but has been on RR for 2-3 weeks before the surgery and now 2 weeks after. I think the recovery time is moving really fast. She is using her leg, toe touching, and her incision healed really quick! Much more than with the other ACL repair last September. Last time I started the RR about 2 weeks after the surgery.  Since surgery, I am giving her 4 oz a day, split into her two meals

 RR helped heal my dog "Sumer" when she tore both of her ACLs in her back legs several years ago. Freddie our 12 year old Border Collie also gets RR for the severe arthritis in his shoulder


 I would like to add my own testimonial but I am not guaranteeing this for everybody....it is just my own observation.  For years my farm dogs (6) have had more than their share of fleas and I put that poison on their skin.  Since I began adding 1 ounce of Rapid Response to their food every day for the last 3 years I have never found another flea on them.  Again keep in mind that I am not guaranteeing this....it is just my own observation....but I am still amazed!   Sharone

  Here are my thoughts about Rapid Response HF and what it did for Cheyenne. You are welcome to post it.  Cheyenne is a 10-1/2 year old Rottweiler/shepherd mix, who worked as a therapy dog since she was a puppy. She has, as well, been my guardian and my friend through very hard times in my life.  When the x-rays showed that Cheyenne was not going to get better unless she had 3 surgeries (both hips replacement and right knee at least and maybe even the left knee), I cried. I felt so helpless! I knew I could not afford the $15,000.00 needed and I did not want to put her through a surgery every 3 months as they were telling me they would do.  After I wiped my eyes and gave Cheyenne a big hug, I promised her that if she did not give up, I wouldn’t either. The Remadyl was upsetting her stomach and not really helping the pain anymore. Her hair was falling out and she looked so uncomfortable at time, I had to find something more natural. A friend of mine told me about Rapid Response.  Cheyenne has been on Rapid Response 3 months now and the first thing that I noticed after two weeks, was that her coat became rapidly shinier and she was not shedding anymore. Her attitude started improving as well. After one month, I reduced the Remadyl dose to half and then only as needed, keeping her only on Tramadol (pain killer) which does not upset her stomach.   Because of Rapid Response, Cheyenneis again playful and eating well and active. I know this is not a cure, but if she can live the rest of her life happy, being the dog she has always been, I am so grateful!    Thank you!

 Ileana Nadal here. I called you after Thanksgiving because of a severe muscle tear in my leg, which happened 2 weeks before I was to go to AKC Agility Invitational in Long Beach, CA. I want you to know that I did everything you told me to do, and was able to run my dogs at the Invitational. What really helped my leg was actually wrapping the affected area with a puppy pad soaked in RR and applying a heating pad like you told me to do. I did this every night before I was to leave.  


    The injury is 4 weeks today. The leg feels really good.  Thank You!     

Several months ago, my Collie, Rascal, required surgery on both of his ACL’s.  After the first surgery, I started him  on Rapid Response F.  When I took him back to the orthopaedic specialist a month later, he expressed surprise at how quickly he was healing!  He also advised that his other leg was so much stronger that he may not need surgery on that one.    

Claire Cox-dog with two bad ACLs in her dogs legs. She began with Rapid Response HF at 2 oz a day (1oz morning and supper) for a 50 pound dog and then later cut back to 1 and ½ oz a day then 1 oz to maintain.  It took about 3 months..........She has been using Rapid Response for herself, horses and dogs since 2007.  

 I’m  writing to order some  Rapid Response HF that we have been giving our dog now for the past 2 years to treat his hip displasia. So far so good…     

I read an ad about Rapid Response in my Animal Wellness magazine, where a woman gave a testimonial about her 15 yr old Schnauzer, and basically the miracle that occurred after starting her on Rapid Response.  I must admit that I am a non-believer of most testimonials after having ordered so many products for me that do not come even close to what they tell you to expect.  So I went on line and did my research, and I called and talked to Sharone.  I told her I have a 6 yr. old golden who tore her ACL ligament.  A little bit of my history, I live on an island with no vet.  We have a visiting vet that comes 2X a week, so our medical options are much different from people who live in the states.  My vet said we needed to perform surgery, this involves putting her in a boat taking her to another island, operating on her and coming back for her in a weeks time.  I was told she should be up and running in 6-8 weeks.  4 mos. later she was not putting "any" weight period, on her right hind leg.  Still hopping and carrying that leg.  She is a 115 lb golden, believe it or not, not fat, just very deep chested big beautiful girl, and I had read that sometimes within the next year, the other ACL will tear... So carrying her in and out is not an option and if her other leg goes, it would be very bad.. The vet decided to do another surgery on her.  It has now been 1yr. since her first surgery and she is still not walking on her leg.  The vet can give me no explanations.... I even found a "dog chiropractor" visiting on island that I started taking her to, and still nothing.  When I read this ad in Wellness and did my research and called Sharone and talked with her, I told her this product is rather expensive, tell me honestly, does it work??  She said there are no guarantees, but we have had great success with the product.  I had read a lot of horse testimonials and decided if it worked on horses its worth a try.  Keep in mind I have had her on every joint supplement I could find, Cosequin, chrodroitin, glucosamine, MSN, Missing link, you name it and no obvious results. I ordered the RR HF, and I would honestly say by the 2nd week she was putting weight on her leg, I have just completed my first gallon + quart and just reordered from Sharone.  She still walks with a limp, but I now have her back at the beach, swimming and retrieving her coconut with my other golden. I fully believe that if I keep her on this she will be back to her old self.  Her quality of life has improved tremendously and the "only" thing I can attribute it to is the RR.  It is well worth the price and she will never be without it.  So happy I picked that magazine up, I even told my vet about it, as she is a horse vet as well, and she had never heard of the product.  I will continue to spread the word.  Denise  



ORDER the most effective formula for your dog - FF double strength

(we have found the Rapid Response FF double strength horse formula with thicker pulp is now the most effective formula for dogs with back end problems)  NEW FORMULA RAPID RESPONSE FF DOUBLE STRENGTH DEVELOPED ESPECIALLY FOR DOGS

     Please email or call Sharone for the dosing required for your dog and other information.  Please leave a message and I will return your call with time to talk to you as soon as possible.