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Rapid Response HT  Human Quart Size
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Quart size

Rapid Response is a scientifically advanced proprietary process resulting in a unique dietary supplement. Rapid Response contains vital molecular compounds extracted from natural sources in a highly bioactive enzyme base.
Rapid Response HT 
This formula was the same as the original Rapid Response HF but with no pulp.  Created for people who did not like aloe vera pulpy base drink. Rapid Response HT is recommended for people who want to maintain good health throughout their lives.  People have regularly used this formula for years  and have stayed with this formula. As with all Rapid Response products if you have a temporary problem such as a cold etc you can double the dose for a few doses for quicker return to health.  Updating through the years we have been able to double the joint ingredients in Rapid Response for a low increase in price which makes the newer formulas such as Rapid Response HFF double strength, Rapid Response HFF + Hyaluronic Acid (both have pulpy base) and Rapid Response HT double stremgth + Hyaluronic Acid (no aloe vera pulp) which offers better value and better health and helps speed the process.  
Suggested Use:
A recommended  dose of 4 ounces a day in one dose or 2 ounces morning and afternoon or evening but the dose can be individualized based how it helps that particular person. It is recommended to take Rapid Response for 5 days straight before you can evaluate if your quality of living has improved.   It also may take 3 to 5 days after you stop Rapid Response to notice the difference of not taking Rapid Response and all your daily aches and pains return.  (These general comments apply to all forms of Rapid Response.)  Please keep in mind that once you are at the stage where you want to be, then you can decrease or increase the dose if you desire and continue  on a daily basis to give you the foundation to prevent further problems which we highly recommend. 
Take once or twice daily as a nutritional supplement. Can also be used externally on cuts, bug bites, sore muscles, injuries etc etc and wrap applied and a heating pad to speed up absorption into the skin etc.
May be added to any juice if preferred. I recommend Sunny D orange + PEACH product if sugar content is not a problem.  Best tasting.   
Rapid Response is a natural product containing no animal by-products.  Taste, color and consistency may vary seasonally, Earth-friendly.   Cruelty-free animal research-all animals benefited!  Natural and safe.
ORDER 4 GALLONS OF RR HT AND RECEIVE A FREE QUART (VALUE $69) If a special combination of any kind is not listed in shopping cart contact Sharone via email or text and we will work out any combination to want.  If you order 4 gallons of any combination at regular gallon prices then you will receive 2 free quarts (value $138++)
Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.