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1 Jul 2006


Taken from Horse Journal Magazine Article date July 2006

“Get Ringbone Pain Under Control”   (excellent article!)


Joint Supplements And Magnetics

Because articular ringbone involves arthritis changes, joint nutraceuticals

can be useful in helping to control infl ammation and slow cartilage breakdown. We’ve had particularly good results with Rapid Response from Amerdon (www.rapidresponseamerdon.com, 800-331-1036). The aloe and plant-based antioxidants combined with glucosamine and chondroitin seems to be a particular effective combination for ringbone. We know of several horses where the calcium deposition lessened over time.


Static magnetic wraps provided a significant, reproducible reduction in ringbone related pain for about 50% of the horses we tried them on in our last trial. Even better results in terms of pain control, with a potential to also speed healing, comes from Bio-Pulse pulsed electromagnetic therapy from Respond Systems, (www.respondsystems.com, 203-481-2810). These units are pricey but rentals can be arranged.


These additional therapies are not a substitute for veterinary evaluation and care. Ringbone is a progressive condition and delay in getting appropriate veterinary and farrier treatment is not in your horse’s best interest.

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