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1 Dec 2005

Taken from Horse Journal Magazine article on December 2005

Comparison of New-Formulation Joint Nutraceuticals


“Rapid Response F—Feed 2 to 6 ounces a day. We reserved it for some particular difficult cases. At 2oz twice a day it resolved an acute flare-up of osselets (synovitis and capsulitis of the fetlock) in a racing colt who had been battling the condition for 2 months. Sound after 2 weeks. A retired horse with severe hock arthritis with a history of only partial response to several different joint nutraceuticals became pasture sound at walk and trot after 4 weeks and was still moving well 3 weeks after stopping. A 2-year-old Standardbred filly with a history of a kick to the shoulder as a foal (but no fractures found) was showing abnormal movement of the previously injured leg that severely impaired her ability to pace. She overcame this at low speed but showed lameness and abnormal gait again when speed work was introduced. Minimal to no improvement with NSAIDS or other joint supplements. Within 2 weeks of starting RR, her lameness resolved and she is continuing to train well. 


Recommended for both acute and chronic lameness problems, including those involving problems with tissues. If you have a difficult or complicated lameness, don’t give up on supplements helping until you try this one.”  



Horse Journal