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Rapid Response® Amerdon
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"In research......

           there comes a time when a breakthrough occurs

                                  and everything changes forever..."




We at Amerdon are here to help people and their  animals.  Rapid Response grew from one person Dr. Terri Fourziano and is now used by people all over the world.  Rapid Response has grown by word of mouth and results.  The various advisors (formerly called distributors) and owners of Amerdon became involved because their animals were helped by Rapid Response and it is their desire to help others.  If this were not their main goal they would not be part of Amerdon

All sales from Amerdon products have gone back into developing the business or helping other animals.  It is our goal that Rapid Response helps all animals and people throughtout the world to have a better life.  We feel animals are our children. 

This is our mission at Amerdon. 

We do not believe in giving up just because somebody says there is no hope.  We work together and communicate with each other to find better answers to questions.  Use of Rapid Response often varies based on the individual animal and we are here to help answer questions.  When you purchase Rapid Response you become part of Amerdon and work towards our goals to help others.  All of us at Amerdon including our "customers" are dedicated to helping the animals we love.  We will work with you to help accomplish your goals. 

Natural Amerdon products are not sold in stores. This guarantees complete freshness of products.  When we ship Rapid Response it is never older than two months but we also have bottles of Rapid Response here that are over 4 years old and not changed.  We usually put a 1 year expiration date on the bottle.  We have discovered that the growth of Amerdon products such as Rapid Response is due to word of mouth from people who have used our products and discover they work for their animals and themselves.