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Mike Bryan,  World Doubles Tennis Champion 

. . . . .hear how Rapid Response HF helped his hip so he could keep playing tennis



1998 Original Rapid Response Research just found! 

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The great Thoroughbred Trainer John Shirreffs endorsed Rapid Response F ! 

Congratulations to John (trainer of Giacomo the 2005 winner of the

Kentucky Derby)  and  ZENYATTA  who won the $5,000,000 Breeders Cup Classic on 11-7-09  beating the best male horses in the country including the Kentucky Derby and Belmont winners.  She is the World's Horse of the Year winning 19 of 19 races and 9 are Grade 1   stakes races in a row, a record as of October of  2010!  Her last race was the 5 million dollar Breeders Cup Classic race against the boys 11-9-10.  She lost by a half a head because she was way too far back.  She won in the next stride after the wire.  On January 17, 2011 she was voted the  Eclipse Award for Horse of the Year for 2010  (which I have been calling her for months....now it is official.  ZENYATTA is the greatest  racehorse of all time!!    She makes my heart pound!!!  I am proud to say that she has been taking Rapid Response F for the last 4 years!!!  Giacomo was also taking Rapid Response  F !

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Rapid Response® is: 

“The Nutritional Supplement capable of transforming our entire health experience"

WHAT IS RAPID RESPONSE®?                                    

 Rapid Response is what many are calling the “Nutritional Supplement with the most potential for health”.  Rapid Response is a scientifically advanced proprietary  process resulting in a unique new dietary natural food supplement.  Our proprietary process allows the synergistic effects of Rapid Response to be used in the body at their ultimate potential.  Working from a cellular level Rapid Response helps create a healthy environment for the nine vital systems in the body. 

Rapid Response is not an injury specific nutritional supplement.  With some of the most potent anti-oxidants in the world Rapid Response works on a cellular level to help maintain “Superior Cellular Construction”,  and help control the damaging effects of Free Radicals and Toxins with these exceptional Anti-Oxidants. 

Rapid Response’s synergistic effects, glucosamines and chondroitins are key factors as a regulator of cartilage metabolism and helping to keep cartilage from breaking down.  It has been helpful in supporting the normal function of the body.


 Rapid Response® supports the normal functioning of the body by:

1)  Stimulates the immune system

2)  Boosts your internal healing powers

3)  Antioxidant

4)  Aids the Digestive System

5)  Benefits all connective tissue

6)  Keeps up with free radical damage going inside the membrane of your cells, protecting them.

7)  Rapid Response has a special affinity for collagen and elastin which helps keep your skin youthful and vibrant.

8) Rapid Response's  ingredients are known to support the nervous system, immune system, liver and the cardiovascular system.

9)  Rapid Response has “bi-phasic” activity which means it can penetrate lipid cell membrane and carry its benefits into the interior of cells.

Rapid Responses Glucosamines are…

1. a major building block of proteoglycans
2. needed to make glycosaminoglycans, proteins that bind water in the cartilage matrix
3. a source of nutrients for the synthesis of proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans
4. a stimulant to chondrocytes
5. a key factor in determining how many proteoglycans are produced by the chondrocytes
6. needed to spur chondrocytes to produce more collagen and proteoglycans
7. a regulator of cartilage metabolism which helps to keep cartilage from breaking down

Ingredients of Rapid Response and Rapid Response F (which contains the same ingredients as in the regular Rapid Response formula but in a larger concentration plus a special aloe vera base and antioxidant) are the following:  

Active Ingredients: Glucosamine SO4 (from shrimp), Chrondroitin SO4 (from shark cartilage), Proprietary Blend of Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins in a specially formulated base of  Aloe Vera  

More Good Stuff in Rapid Response

in minimal amounts that are naturally occuring

A, C, E, B, B12, Choline, Folic Acid
Amino Acids
Rapid Response™® contain 7 of the 8 essential amino acids.
Provides 20 of 22 amino acids required by humans.
Rapid Response™® provides 9 essential minerals such as Calcium, Copper, Chromium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Sodium, Manganese.
Natural plant growth
Provides 8 important enzymes
Monosaccharides and Polysaccharides that are essential to the quality and efficacy of Rapid Response™®.

 Inert ingredients: Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

 Possible allergens: shrimp or shark

Suggested Dose: Normally 2 to 4  ounces daily but may take up to 4 to 6 ounces daily. Dosage may be individualized and increased based on need.

Keep lid closed tightly-Refrigerate after opening (more palatable for humans if cold) or may store in a cool place (not in direct sunlight) for horses and other animals and use within one month.  Storing in temps up to 80 degrees are okay.  Direct sunlight or exposure to air causes Rapid Response to evaporate.

 Avoid freezing and excessive heat and exposure to air

Rapid Response is a natural product containing no animal by-products. Taste, color and consistency may vary seasonally.    Earth-friendly.   Cruelty-free animal research—all animals benefited!   No double blind studies were conducted which would benefit some animals but not all animals. The goal of Rapid Response is to HELP ALL animals.   All Natural!
Rapid Response is an advancement in biomolecular supplements – a natural product that biologically supports the body to maintain health and energy. 


Directions for using RR

Rapid Response® comes in three formulas: Formula F, Formula T and Regular.  All formulas are available for human and horse use. 

Explanation of  3 different Rapid Response® products:
The nutritional ingredients in the 3 different Rapid Responses have aided the body in accomplishing what no other products have done in the past.  Rapid Response supports the normal functioning of the body with natural antioxidants and over 100 different nutritional ingredients from various plants and is far superior to any other combination of products on the market at this time!  (There is no devils claw or yucca in RR)
Rapid Response® F extra strength + Hyaluronic Acid-pending
This Rapid Response F formula contains higher doses of chondroitin and glucosamine plus a high dose of hyaluronic acid.  You can use smaller doses of this formula in serious cases when we usually recommend doubling the dose of the Rapid Response F formula thereby saving you money.  We expect to have great success with it.  The additional ingredients are well worth the difference in price. 
Rapid Response® F 
with pulp (customers say this is the best Rapid Response formula!
Rapid Response F and Rapid Response HF (human formula) are basically the same formula as the Rapid Response T formula but has a natural pulpy plant base which makes
the added ingredients longer acting and provides more pain relief.  As a result this formula works better than the “T” formula but does contains pulp.   This is the best formula of Rapid Response.  Rapid Response F is preferred for use in horses or other animals with injuries and slow healing issues.  It is also recommended for horses that are racing, jumping, barrel racing or under other severe stress in order to help maintain soundness.  This formula is more specific for bones over the Rapid Response formula listed below.  This formula is more effective than the regular Rapid Response formula.  Rapid Response HF for humans is recommended for people who have more chronic problems.  This formula is also recommended for athletes.  Recommended dose of 4 ounces a day (2 ounces morning and afternoon) for a severe problem but the dose can be individualized based on the condition.
Rapid Response T for horses and Rapid Response HT for humans contains the same ingredients as in the Rapid Response F and HF formulas but does not contain the aloe vera pulpy base.  People report the Rapid Response F and HF provide the best results and thus we consider it the best formula.  The "T" formula does not contain a pulpy base and is best for people who cannot handle the pulp.
Rapid Response regular horse formula and Rapid Response H for humans:   This formula of Rapid Response is recommended for maintenance, prevention and for general overall improvement of health.  Rapid Response is a nutritional product and all ingredients can be found in health food stores.  Rapid Response is not a drug.  It is the exact combination of ingredients and the method of manufacturing created by Dr. Fourziano that provides Rapid Response with its superb magic.



 DISCLAIMER:  Has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Always follow your physician's or veterinarian's advice.





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