Human Products > Rapid Response Human HF (with pulp) SPECIAL DEAL 4 Gallons plus FREE quart
Rapid Response Human HF (with pulp) SPECIAL DEAL 4 Gallons plus FREE quart
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4 Gallons of Rapid Response HF (with pulp)

Rapid Response Formula HF

Rapid Response F and Rapid Response HF (human formula) are basically the same formula as the Rapid Response T formula but has a natural pulpy plant base which makes the added ingredients longer acting and provides more pain relief.  As a result this formula works better than the “T” formula but does contains pulp.  This is the best formula of Rapid Response.
Suggested Use:
A recommended  dose of 4 ounces a day (2 ounces morning and afternoon) for a severe problem but the dose can be individualized based on the condition. It is recommended to take Rapid Response for 5 days straight before you can evaluate if your quality of living has improved a “little”.  It also may take 3 days after you stop Rapid Response to notice the difference of not taking Rapid Response.  (These general comments apply to all forms of Rapid Response.)  Please keep in mind that once you are at the stage where you want to be, then you can decrease the dose if you desire and continue  on a daily basis to give you the foundation to prevent further problems which we highly recommend. 
Take once or twice daily as a nutritional supplement. Can also be used externally
May be added to any juice if preferred (External application will improve results and is highly recommended if possible.) 
Rapid Response is a natural product containing no animal by-products.  Taste, color and consistency may vary seasonally, Earth-friendly.   Cruelty-free animal research-all animals benefited!  Natural and safe.
Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.